A Historiographical Essay on the GRU – 1918 – 1945

This paper, published in 1992, is meant to provide guidance and serve as a blueprint for the academic study of the GRU. Written by the late Raymond W. Leonard (1959-2008), … Continue reading

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GRU Analysis and Threat Assessment – 1918-1928

This paper is the most accurate translation and comprehension of the classified 1928 multi-volume work, ‘Buduschaiia Voina’ – The Future War. It was prepared by the ‘4th Directorate’ of the … Continue reading

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Chiefs of the GRU – 1918-1947

Written by a retired U.S. Air Force Signals Intercept Officer Owen A. Lock around 1994. Mr. Lock is recognized by intelligence analysts as the leading expert on Soviet Military Intelligence … Continue reading

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94th Anniversary of Soviet Military Intelligence, the GRU.

The GRU of the Red Army was founded November 5th, 1918. Order # 197/27 was signed November 5th 1918 by members of the Revolutionary Military Council Efraim Sklyansky and Karl … Continue reading

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